Writing Stories of Love, Faith and Happy Endings While Enjoying the Journey

COMING MAY 21, 2024

Her Son’s Faithful Companion

Her son needs love and friendship

Now she’s found the answer to their prayers…

Former barrel racer Caitlyn Calloway wants her epileptic son to have everything—even if it means selling her family home. Problem is, the place is in disrepair. Her former crush, service dog trainer Logan Beckett, offers to help. But letting Logan and his dogs into their lives makes the past almost impossible to leave behind…especially when it opens the door to love.


Guarding Her Christmas Secret

‘Tis the season

for second chances and a special puppy

After the tragic loss of her family, schoolteacher Hannah Simpson hopes coordinating her new town’s holiday festival will keep her mind busy and her past hidden. That is, until she’s forced to work with dog trainer Cody Beckett. As the recently appointed guardian of two of Hannah’s students, Cody sees too much for Hannah to be able to hide her mental health struggles. But as the two of them clash over budgets and event ideas, will a pair of matchmaking twins and a service puppy in training make Hannah and Cody realize a future together is the perfect plan?


Their Inseparable Bond

They’re a mismatched family…

But their hearts line up just right

Training service dogs is single dad Jake Beckett’s calling. He’s determined to train rambunctious puppy Callie to help his ailing friend Myrna live independently with her growing blindness. Myrna’s granddaughter, Olivia Hart, isn’t easily convinced, but Jake, his twins and Callie are an incredibly persuasive team. If Olivia agrees to give Callie a chance, will working with Jake risk her lifelong dreams?

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Jill Weatherholt

Writing Stories of Love, Faith and Happy Endings While Enjoying the Journey​

Jill Weatherholt is an author of sweet, emotional, small-town romance novels that guarantee a happy ending.


Inspiration …

Seeing the first hummingbird of the season reminds me to continue to press forward, even through the difficult times. These little creatures battle difficult conditions, but they’re able to find their way back home.


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